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All cookies are heat sealed in a cellophane bag. This helps ensure freshness for an extended period of time. Cookies will stay fresh at room temperature for a minimum of 10 days. Cookies can be frozen. If your cookie(s) come packaged in a box, simply place the box in the freezer. If cookies are not in a box, place the heat sealed cookies in a freezer safe ziplock bag or storage container and freeze. To thaw, remove cookies from freezer and place on the counter. DO NOT remove them from their box/ziplock bag/container until fully thawed. This is best done the night before. Keeping them in their container that they were froze in will help keep the condensation on the outside and not on the cookie. DO NOT place your cookies in the fridge. The condensation produced will ruin the icing.


Cookies are made in a licensed and inspected kitchen by the State of Minnesota. Our kitchen is not allergy friendly. Cookies are produced in a nut friendly kitchen (no pun intended ;)) All cookies contain wheat, dairy and eggs. Macarons contain almond, dairy and eggs (with on rare occasion gluten).


All cookie designs are "as is" and there will be no personalization unless specified. Cookies are handmade so there may be some slight variation. Regular cookies are about 3.5"-4" on the longest side. Mini cookies are about 2" on the longest side.


If cookies are not claimed within 24 hours, they will be subject for resale or donated . All sales are final, no refunds.

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