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Where are you located?

B's Bakehouse is located at 319 E Lincoln Street. There is a house in front of our building at the moment. If you're familiar with Luverne, it use to be the old senior dining building across the street from the post office. At this time, all visits and order pick-ups are available by appointment only.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes! B's Bakehouse is commercial licensed and will ship to anywhere in the United State. HOWEVER, we only ship decorated cookies. Cakes, cupcakes and macarons are too fragile to withstand shipping. We take pride on carefully packaging your cookies to help get your treats to you safely. As a reminder, once it leaves our hands, we are not responsible for the package.

Do you deliver?

B's Bakehouse will deliver anywhere you're wanting us to be! Delivery is currently $1.10/mile round trip or a flat fee for in-town delivery.

How do I get a quote?

Please visit the pricing/availability tab of our website. You will be able to fill out our form for the treats you're inquiring about.

Where do your cookie classes take place?

Cookie classes are held at our location! We also offer private classes as well. You can either schedule that at our shop or we'll come to you! 

How much do your treats cost?

The golden question! With the constent change of grocery prices, ours will also fluctuate. Each order is custom quoted. Take a look at our starting prices here.

How long do your treats stay fresh?

Cake and Cupcakes will stay fresh for 5 days if stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

All cookies are individually heat-sealed in a cellophane bag to maximize freshness and flavor. If left in their bags, the cookies should stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

These are perishable items. As with any perishable item, it is best to consume as soon as possible. Texture and appearance can change the longer something sits.

Can you freeze leftover cake?

Yes! We recommend cutting the rest of the cake into slices and wrapping each slice in plastic wrap. Then, place the wrapped slices in an airtight container (ziplock bag or Tupperware).

Can you freeze cupcakes?

Yes! Place your cupcakes in an airtight container. They are best consumed within 3 months after freezing. To thaw, keep in the airtight contain and place it in the refrigerator the night before. Serve at room temp.

Can you freeze decorated cookies?

Yes! Cookies freeze extremely well! Often times people will freeze the cookies if I am unavailable for the exact date they'd like.  To freeze the cookies you will very carefully place them in a tub or ziploc (if using a ziploc I recommend putting a cookie sheet under it for stability).  Rather than stacking them on top of one another, try stacking them on their sides. You will then take them out of the freezer the night before you'll be needing them and place them on the counter.  DO NOT open the container or ziploc until the cookies are completely thawed.  This is the most important step!! Opening the container may cause condensation inside the bags and ruin the cookie design. Don't worry if this happens; they will still taste great! 

How far in advance should I place my custom order?

Currently our calendar for custom orders is open for the current month + the following two months. If you're looking to book a wedding, you can do so up to a year out.

Do you offer allergy friendly treats?

Unfortunately, B's Bakehouse cannot accommodate this. Our kitchen houses all of the ingredients that are the main allergens. We do offer a couple gluten friendly options for cupcakes and macarons.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon ordering.  Orders are not booked until payment is received.


For very large orders (such as weddings, graduations and some corporate events) B's Bakehouse requires a non-refundable retainer (50%) to hold the date. You're welcome to make payments on the rest of the balance, but it is due no later than 2 weeks before the event.

Do you offer refunds or returns?

All sales are FINAL. We are able to refund and cancel your order up to 14 business days prior to your pick up date minus anything that needed to be custom ordered for your order.


No refunds will be given for orders that have already been baked, this includes holiday cookies. Any holiday cookies that are left 24 hours after the pickup times have ended will be forfeited with no refund unless other arrangements have been made prior to this.

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